Meal Plans Delivered Locally

Farm to Table for You

I am dedicated to helping you improve your diet and avoid food preservatives with healthy, nutritious, organic, Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian or Keto Meal Plans that fit your lifestyle and

To help more people live healthier lives, I earned a certificate from Cornell University’s ‘Nutrition and Healthy Living Program’. With my gourmet chef approach and growing my own fresh ingredients, I create heat-and-serve meals that are personalized for each individual, built from scratch to better address your health concerns while keeping your preferences and likings in mind.


Using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) helps keep your food fresh without any preservatives, so we can deliver delicious and healthy food that you can heat right in the container without any risk! In Modified Atmosphere Packaging, a blend of pure oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen is created within a high barrier or permeable package. This mix of gasses slows down the product’s aging process and reduces the loss of color in food. It also fights odors and staleness that can follow product deterioration, spoilage, and rancidity that is otherwise caused by mold and other anaerobic organisms.