About Chef Daniela

My passion for cooking began in Romania as a little girl hanging around my mother in the kitchen, curious about how the food was made from ingredients to dishes on the table. I loved everything from rolling cabbage leaves and stuffing peppers to making doughnuts and spaetzle. In 1999, I ventured to the city of Bologna, located in Italy, known as the pasta capital, where I started my formal training in Northern Italian cuisine.

Chef Daniela on the farm.

For eight years, I operated a restaurant in Naples, FL, that featured homemade breads and popular dishes such as chicken paprikash, spaetzle, schnitzel, and old-fashioned cabbage rolls. Now I have turned my attention to nurturing my family and my farm by creating pastas that taste not only delicious but also incorporate organic nutrient-dense ingredients. 

After 30 years of cooking experience and overcoming many of my own obstacles with allergies and dietary needs, I realized there was a need to combine fresh gourmet taste with natural healing superfoods so that people can still enjoy delicious choices but incorporate specialty ingredients that have a long list of health benefits.

Today, as a private chef and certified health nutritional consultant, I enjoy growing and raising many of my own fresh organic ingredients to bring healthy, easy-to-cook pasta to local markets and homes in Southwest Florida and across the USA.