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Dive into Cooking

 Are you tired of cooking the same meals over and over? Are you looking for simple, easy ways to prepare healthy meals in less time and effort without compromising taste and quality? Are you interested in enhancing your cooking skills in the kitchen while expanding your culinary palette and getting healthy all at the same time? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have arrived at the right spot!

I’m here to help you learn how to master your kitchen tools and find the right ingredients to get the flavor and the added benefits of healthy nutrition in your food. With over 30 years of experience, I have so many tips, tricks, ideas, and so much knowledge to share with those eager to learn how to cook a variety of meals. I am happy to educate you in Organic, Vegan, Keto, or Gluten Free cooking, or we can go over Hungarian, Romanian, and Italian Cuisine. We can also learn about simple traditional American meals that you can cook for your family on a daily basis. We can talk about what’s healthy, what’s easy, which flavors go best together, what not to do, and what your kids are going to love! 

Each cooking class has a different theme which our food will be based around. For example, an Italian Lovers night would be centered around learning how to make different pastas, sauces, and Italian dishes.

Fun Cooking Classes for Kids & Parents
Want your kids to cook with you in the kitchen? Let’s have some fun with some parents and kids cooking classes!

Off to College Cooking Classes
Do you want your kids to learn quick, delicious, easy, and nutritional meals before they go to college? Come join me for an off to college cooking class! 

Community Cooking Classes

Getting Healthy/Nutrition Cooking Classes  

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Cooking Classes With Chef Daniela