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Chef Daniela

Chef Daniela's Carrot & Turmeric Pasta

Chef Daniela's Carrot & Turmeric Pasta

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Carrot & Turmeric Pasta

Chef Daniela's Carrot and Turmeric Pasta is more than just pasta. It's a fusion of health and flavor, carefully crafted using farm fresh ingredients, many form Chef Daniela's own farm!

Carrots, a well-loved vegetable known for their high vitamin A and fiber content, lend a subtle sweetness to the pasta. Turmeric, a spice revered for centuries for its medicinal properties, adds a gentle warmth and depth of flavor. Together, they create a uniquely delicious pasta with a subtly sweet, earthy flavor profile full of nutritional benefits. 

Whether served with a light olive oil dressing, a tangy tomato sauce, or a rich, creamy sauce, Chef Daniela's Carrot and Turmeric Pasta stands out, making a colorful plate perfect for everyday meals or special occasions sure to tempt the pickiest eater.

Cooking Instructions

In a large pot bring 2 quarts of water to a boil and add salt, if desired, for a bit of flavor.

Place the pasta into the boiling water for approximately 2 to 3 minutes while stirring slowly to prevent sticking

Drain the water from the pasta and then toss it with your prepared sauce and serve hot. 


Nutrition Information


4.4oz (125g) – Serving Size for 2-3 – Keep Refrigerated 7 Days or Freeze

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